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Our Email Policy:

Information will be provided to you via e-mail on a limited basis. We do not charge for e-mail services on the premise that you will eventually be utilizing John's fee-based consulting services. Contact John Suiter directly with general questions. Please take the time to read the information presented here before you inquire. Please allow a couple of days for a response.

Telephone Consultations:

To become pre-qualified for the purchase of an L1 Vertical Wind Tunnel you will first need to schedule an appointment to talk with John. If you have general consulting questions and prefer to speak by phone, please use the following form to begin the process. After submitting the request you will receive a response within 24 hours confirming your appointment, providing our contact information and directing you on how to pay for your time. Payment must be received before the appointment time or the appointment won't be accepted.


An initial consultation with John will cost $50.
Your payment of $50 covers a question and answer session lasting a maximum of 45 minutes with John Suiter exclusively.  We encourage corporate partnerships to schedule a time when a conference call with all interested parties can be arranged.


Follow up conversations will be billed to you at a rate of $65 per hour. We will bill you once per month at the end of the month for any remaining balance you have or when your account reaches $130, whichever comes first.


Payments are accepted online through PayPal, you may use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover to complete your payments. E-checks are also accepted.


Important Disclaimer:

We love all you fans of wind tunnels but please try to understand we are a business and we are not in the position to give out free information and free advice.

If you are interested in purchasing a machine from us that is great. Please be advised we will ask for proof of financing for any lease or ownership situation. The conversation will not be allowed to proceed any further if we cannot at least see that information. We are happy to answer your questions about the business and we charge $65 per hour for a consultation. Please do not send us emails asking for business information dimensions and pricing and expect that we will provide it for free because we will not.

Please for events. If you're budget is not at least $20,000 US Dollars for events in the United States we will not be able to help you. For events in Europe you need a minimum budget of $100,000 USD dollars. We also require 2 months notice.
All events require a 50 percent deposit.