john suiter

John Suiter has been fortunate to been involved directly with several facilities across the globe since 1982. He continues to actively participate in the operations of several facilities worldwide.


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Service, Consulting & Vertical Wind Tunnel Planning

Consulting is by far the most sought after assistance in regards to Vertical Wind Tunnel planning. Whether you are preparing for a tourist attraction or a stationary training facility, there are few resources available to assist you with all of the details.

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Your location and resources are generally the guidelines when deciding the level of support you will be able to obtain.  In most cases initial consultations take place over the telephone at your convenience. At which time we will discuss your situation and the opportunities that can present themselves to you. You may already have a facility underway and are not sure of the next steps that you should take, or perhaps you simply have a few questions that you cannot seem to find the answers to.

In other cases, E-mail is a simple and cost effective means of getting some help.  E-mail questions will be answered in the order in which they are received, and in most cases within 72 hours. If time is not of the essence, than this would be the optimal choice.


john suiter

Buy or Rent

Purchase a Wind Tunnel

Rent a Wind Tunnel

Rent a Vertical Wind Tunnel for your Drop Zone, Boogie, School Carnival, Fair or Corporate Event. We can assist you with locating the right wind tunnel for your location.

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