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"L-1" Stationary Vertical Wind Tunnel

With so many other designs available, why should you purchase an "L-1" VWT ? The answer is simple, the L-1 is the finest VWT design available. It is proven to be the largest, fastest, smoothest, most consistent, and quietest air of any design. These following are some of the ways in which L1 is superior to the competition.

Refined Design

Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation began with several years of vertical wind tunnel operation & a variety of experience with facilities around the world behind it. The creation of the L1 responded to the common issues found throughout the industry & solved the major problems that inhibit growth. We will not need to 'adjust' our design or revisit issues like power & efficiency since those issue were addressed by exceeding projected future expectations before we began construction and presented our product to you.


Key Features That make L1 attractive to buyers and experienced bodyflyers are:



CONSISTENCY is the single most important factor in regards to a VWT's air column. Unlike L1s superior design, multiple fan systems can create airspeed inconsistencies, similarly, systems that rely on static pressure within the flight area or test section, are affected greatly when an individual or group of individuals enter the flight area. This is also another way in which the L1 design beats the competition "fans down", providing consistent airspeed & volume regardless of the level of participation in the air column.


SAFETY was addressed as a combination of two issues; mechanical safety and participant safety A. Mechanical Safety - the flight area is completely separate from any moving or mechanical parts; B.Participant Safety - in it's original configuration, including the net, L1 eliminates every traditional danger when flying in a vertical wind tunnel, completely removing any static or solid obstacles from the flight area and beyond. There is nothing to impact at any point.


EFFICIENCY because the design of this vertical wind tunnel is aerodynamically correct, L1 is able to achieve the highest level of efficiency in regards to power consumption vs airspeed result.

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FLEXIBILITY is key to applying any product to your potential application. Because the L1 design is not dependent on external structures for it's function, an unlimited amount of physical configurations are possible. Your L1 can look exactly as you would have it appear, you are not locked into any external structures that don't fit with the look & feel of your project.

Other Key Features:


INCOME POTENTIAL has formerly been a major hurdle when making a VWT a profitable venture, due to the limited capacity of the test section. Again, the open jet design solves this problem with ease, creating the first tunnel capable of sustaining multiple levels of simultaneous flyers. With an air column that can extend unobstructed as high as 120 feet vertical, it is possible to section off your L1 column to maximize flight revenues through volume of participants. Even by only providing a second flight level, you are able to easily double your revenue potential.


NOISE has previously been a problem, due to ordinances everywhere. Comfort for participants and spectators is a major consideration, and L1 is the only VWT on the market that is a pleasure to listen to from every point of exposure, even while flying. From the intake to the test section, the air is quieter than ever imaginable remaining registering well under 90 decibels at it's loudest and as low as 74 decibels as close as 24 feet away from the flyer. This opens the availability to put a tunnel like this in a theater, as part of a restaurant, as an hybrid fixture in a mall, or even in a park setting in a community. Oh, and no annoying and uncomfortable earplugs are required, which also saves time & money.


Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation didn't just reassemble preexisting and off-the-shelf technology and patent it. Several million dollars and over a decade of engineering & testing went into the invention of NEW technology. In fact, nearly every aspect of the entire L1 design is custom made, from fan blades to fiberglass panels. The difference is, L1 technology does not exist anywhere else, and is proven with the patents and a working scale model which has been operational since the 1990's. As would be expected from any respectable engineering feet, the full scale 12 foot prototype performs just as predicted by indicators from results generated by the model. Further proving that Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation did in fact reinvent the vertical wind tunnel.